1)     Login to the Application

a)     The resident ID number is also shown on your Resident ID card as your Member ID number or your Golf ID number (below the scan bar if you are a Resident Renter).

b)     Your PIN number is the same 4-digit number you use for making golf and tennis reservations. If you do not know your PIN number, please call the Tee Time Office at 352-750-4558 to obtain your PIN number.

2)     Completing Application.

a)     Help/Reason for birth date.

i)        With the new program, the age information and facility requirements are now included in the bar code and easily tells us if they are eligible to use the facilities. Birthdates are required to ensure that your guests are able to enjoy all of our facilities for which they are eligible. For proper processing of your Guest ID Card application, it is necessary that all areas be completed. Guest ID Cards will be issued for all guests one (1) year of age and older.

b)     Help/Reason for Zip Code Disqualification

i)        If your guests reside in Lake, Marion or Sumter counties they may visit with you in your home and enjoy all The Villages public facilities. However, they are not eligible to use The Villages Recreational Facilities or obtain a Guest ID Card. Please contact a Recreation Services Representative for further information.

c)      Date Limitations

i)        Guest ID Cards can not be requested more than 30 days in advance.

ii)      Guest ID Cards can be issued for a maximum period of 30 days.

iii)    If you need a Guest ID card that starts before the three (3) days allowed for online processing, please visit any Regional Recreation Center for assistance.

d)     Limitation on number of guests

i)        Residents are permitted to have 8 adult guests and 12 youth guests at any one time (a total of 20 at any one time). If your request exceeds these limitations, please contact a Recreation Services Representative at your nearest Regional Recreation Center during normal business hours for further assistance.

3)     Submitting the Request.

a)     After entering your guest information, click on the Save Application button.  If you logoff before you clicking on the Save Application button, the information will not be saved and no Guest ID Card requests will be submitted or processed.

b)     After the record is entered, the information will appear in a grid above the input screen. You have the option of canceling the record if you find that the information is incorrect or needs to be changed. Please note that you can only cancel the record(s) on the same day you entered it. If you need to cancel a record previously submitted, you will need to call your nearest Regional Recreation Center during normal business hours for further assistance.

c)      You also have the option of printing the completed application before you log off. 

d)     It is important to log off by clicking on the Log Off button located on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.  If you exit the program by closing the window with the X in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, the record will be deleted and no Guest ID Card requests will be submitted or processed.

e)     Please note the date and location the Guest ID Cards will be available for pickup. There is a 3-day processing time for internet requests. The pickup information is displayed on the logoff page.